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Have you noticed that filing papers with the state doesn't make all the problems you had with your ex disappear?


One of the complexities of divorcing when you have children is that your relationship with your ex doesn't really end with divorce.


You are still in a position of having to communicate with your ex, see him/her, make decisions together, solve problems together, and possibly even having to cooperate with your ex's new spouse.

And let's be honest—If the two of you were good at making decisions together, communicating clearly, compromising, and working through disagreements, you might not have gotten divorced in the first place.

With individual and/or co-parenting counseling, I can help you navigate these tricky new situations. 

A child cannot have too many people who love them

and want to help them succeed.


Affordable $180,

50-minute sessions




Free 20-minute initial consultation

United Healthcare


Near Barton Creek Mall 
in Austin, TX

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