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You can't believe your marriage has gotten to this point. One of you has uttered the "D Word." You've tried everything you know to do, and it's not working. It's time for help. 


Perhaps you are getting divorced or just got divorced and you're not sure where to go from here. If you don't resolve the issues that led to the end of this relationship, they will resurface in your next relationship. And if you have children, these issues will likely poison the relationships that your children will have when they are adults.

It's normal to not know how to move forward or start over with your life.

With individual and/or couples counseling, let me help you repair and find closure ... and a new beginning.


I am happy to work with you as an individual or as a de-coupling pair of adults.

If You're Going Through Hell,

Keep Going.


Affordable $180,

50-minute sessions




Free 20-minute initial consultation

United Healthcare


Near Barton Creek Mall 
in Austin, TX

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